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In order for us to provide better recommendations, please take your time and answer a gew question, so we can have a clearer understanding about your vision. We will reply within 24 hours. We strongly believe, that our recommendations will help you set your mind, they are free after all.

In which Lithuanian town are you planning to install the system?
What kind of work are you planning to do?

What kind of fuel are you currently using or plan to use in the future?

How big is the (current/future) boiler room?
What kind of insulation materials have you been using/will use?
What is the prognosed/current thermal resistance of your house?
What is the area of your windows?
Please provide the complete size of Your house:
How tall are your living quarters:
Which heating system are you using or plan to use?

How many places in your home is hot water used in?

How many people live in Your house?
Please provide a brief description on what you would like to install or change in your current heating setup. What are your plans for the future and what are your current complaints:
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