Heating system

An effective heating system – one of the prerequisites of a comfortable, comfy and economical life. During the process of upgrading or establishing a heating system, it is crucial to choose the optimal variant that is the best for your house and can guarantee warmth, comfort and economy. When choosing a heating solution, one should firstly take a look at the size of the heatable area, the demand for hot water and the type of fuel you will be using for heating. It is also good to take a look at the architecture of the house and the constructional properties (such as the insulation of the walls and roof and whether the windows and doors are sealed correctly). The two main components of a heating system are:

  • Boiler room equipment (or a separate heat and hot water providing system)
  • Equipment to transport and dispense the heat in the living and general quarters of the living space (radiators, heated floors etc.)

It is very important to assemble the system in a way so the separate components can work well and effectively in tandem.

The latest trends in home building and heating system installations show us, that to provide sufficient heating much lower temperatures are required than those 10-15 years ago, thus when selecting heating equipment, one must know what fuel will be used for heating, how many people will live in the house and how much hot water will be used.

The worldwide experience shows that practically any fuel type used for heating benefits from having a secondary heat exchanger (called an “accumulation tank”). Only with this setup can you effectively solve heat exchange, temperature change and condesation problems, prolong the lifetime of the system and reduce fuel consumption.