Accumulation tank

Many of our website, exhibition and office visitors ask us – is an accumulation tank effective, when to install it and which tank to choose?

To answer the interested, let us delve deeper into the subject. Even the name suggests that this device is meant for accumulating something. Just like a simple car battery gives back its stored energy and is constantly being charged, so is the accumulation tank – after it returns the heat stored within it, it must be recharged.

What kind of energy, when and how much of it – it all depends on the type of fuel used. The role of the current generation accumulation tank is not limited to energy storage. Various devices, integrated into the accumulation tank let it become a heat and energy storage, heat exchange and safe combustion guarantee. After all, even wind and solar energy must be stored, the energy from a heat pump must be given to the heating system, hot water must be prepared. The ability to return energy from multiple power sources – many of the leading heating equipment manufacturers use an accumulation tank to do just that.

Our visitors are mostly interested in the accumulation tank used in solid fuel furnaces. When answering the question whether it is really needed, since noone used it before, we have this answer – in older times, noone used winter tires also. Nowadays, everyone understands their benefits and even legislation enforces them. In the heating field this most simple engineering equipment is usually put near solid fuel or biomass furnaces and lets them not only burn their fuel more efficiently, but also prolong the times between the fuel burnings. The control of flame when burning solid fuels is pretty complicated, but the control of the accumulated energy – pretty easy. The fuel is not burning is not burning, but merely smoldering, which means a clean chimney and furnace.

If you contact pellet furnace retailers, probably none of them will tell you, that their product would benefit from an accumulating tank (there may be exceptions). The furnace works either way. Yes, it works, but with what parameters and effectiveness? A pellet furnace working in conjunction with an accumulating tank will work much more effectively, economically and, most of all, longer.

Let us expand on pellet, coal and wood burning furnace tanks. An accumulating tank is necesarry, but which one? The optimal version is when the heated apartament can “live” for two days and have hot water when the temperature outside is around 0 degrees. Our experience and the recommendations of the manufacturers state, that, for one square meter of space, 10 liters of accumulation tank capacity is needed. The furnace is chosen with the space in mind also – the furnace much hold as much fuel as is sufficient for the are to heat up and the accumulating tank to be full of heat after one burning.

An extremely important task is the connection of the tank with the equipment that produces and uses up heat. We have seen numerous boiler rooms where all the required parts are there, but none of them work or work correctly. Mistakes made while designing or installing individual components can put the whole system in danger.

All decisions when designing the heating system must be made in conjunction and be harmonised. The output of the furnace, the capacity of the accumulation tank, additional facilities of the tank (other power sources, hot water, size), the installation and the set up must meet your standards and wishes.

All in all – do not get tempted by the advertisement of individual parts. Tell your vision to professionals, who will not only design the system correctly, install it professionally, showcase you their previous work, but can guarantee your safety, comfort and economy.

Accumulation tank as an energy bank.

An accumulation tank in a solid fuel
boiler room
Stainless steel outline in the tank