Hot water

According to the water consumption standards, an average person uses up 4 cubic meters of water. That is the sanitation standard. Half of the preparation of hot water. When water is prepared using electricity, the cost is around 200 LTL per month, which equals to about 2500 LTL per year. The heating season lasts 5 months in Lithuania and this amount is hot water. After doing some simple calculation, we can find the amount of energy necesarry for turning such an amount of cold water into hot water. A 4 person family uses up 420-470kW of energy for the average monthly cost is 500 LTL (Economical apartment). This results in heating and hot water preparation costing about the same during the year - 2500 LTL. That is why it is so important to pay attention to hot water when selecting a heating source. If we calculate the power of the furnace only taking into account the heating space, then in the winter, when the big colds hit, there will surely be not enough energy for water heating.

We have already spoken in depth about the combined heating solutions which will let You feel comfortable and secure. That is why the amount of energy required for hot water preparation shows how important the whole solution is and not the individual components.