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Start from the project – often, the consumer asks the design specialists to show him how to place what furniture, curtains, choose the wall colours, the flooring, but leaves the important housing systems (electricity, plumbing, sewage, ventilation, heating) for a later date or ignores them altogether – that is the first mistake.

Engineering solutions are installed with longetivity in mind and must perform well, so they must receive sufficient attention and money. I.E the draft for the heating system (correct combination of products) costs less than 0,5% of the total household cost, yet after its completion, you can avoid many bad decisions and unnecessary expenditures while everything is under construction. Fixing errors on paper costs nothing.

Room layout (the boiler room should not be transitional, with the door, window and chimney positioned in a way that leaves the most space for the boiler room equipment), the door and window positioning and size in the whole house (there is no need to have large windows facing the north) and the choice of a heating system (a floor heating system is recommended, since it is the most confortable, most economic and meets the needs of almost every customer) are some of the many questions you should answer before starting the construction of a house

When building a new house or restoring an old one – choose which fuel (a kilowatt-hour of biomass heating is the cheapest and does not depend on any political influence) you are going to use when heating your home and preparing hot water. The size of the boiler room, the specifications of the chimney, additional engineering solutions (circulation pums, thermal regulators, mixing units etc.), the amount of air that enters the boiler room (different furnaces, different sizes, distinct sizes of chimneys, fuel tanks, accumulation tanks, hot water preparation devices) all depend on the type of fuel you are going to use.

After the initial draft is done and you have finally decided what fuel and what equipment you are going to use for heating your home, you must refrain from doing the second mistake – do not buy the furnaces, radiators, boilers, etc. seperately. Contact a company, which can offer you the full set of engineering solutions and can guarantee that it will all work correctly and economically. The boiler room equipment ant other heating equipment are closely related and the correct selection of the component and their correct installation means you can live safely, comfortably and economically.

The third mistake – The heating equipment or the heated floor is installed by one company and the boiler room by another. If everything is done according to the draft – wonderful. But often there is no draft and the work is left to the contractor. That is when mistakes happen, such as a condensing boiler and a high-temperature radiator (convector).

The whole range of solutions from one company – that is a recipe which saves not only time, but also money. Also, it will protect you from wrong decisions (the contractor is fully responsible and guarantee the long and successful lifetime of the suggested solutions). Otherwise, when one thing works and another one doesn’t, it becomes hard to determine where the responsibility of one contractor ends and of the other one begins.

Solid fuel boiler room with two accumulation tanks